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"first to the finish.txt"

I'm like the wind you can just tell is there -
And just like the screams coming from this air -
I'm like the warmth you'd feel if I was here -
And all of your hope when all you feel is fear -

I feel your feelings, but it's not very clear -
My wish is to keep love from making us tear -
To disobey time, and keep us in its care -
To take us far away beyond where I thought I'd ever fare -

You know how I've been and even what I've done -
Just only to the exact language of my tongue -
So, deep down like a star beginning to form -
My emotions fill my heart 'till the empty void is born -

You could say I'm happy, since I smile and have it all -
But, truth be told, what I want can't wake anymore -
So, I play a quiet game, like ninja basketball -
To break the silence, the pulse of my heart must beat once more -

--- Love my wallet -- just hate being poor
--- When I'm down, I only think of the next time I'll score
--- Between life and its games, even the hall for fame
--- I've kept secret a message, just to hurt that fucking dame

~ Prince of Thievez, ßex, & Дяugz