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A lot of solid info on Frames-Per-Second (FPS)
This, Wearesyria (heh heh, lel) fellow, sounds more like a salesman than an enthusiastic game designer.


    Okay. It's clear there's a lot of misinformation out there, and about as many misinformed people.
FPS is an example. More frames per second means more information. 
When you can see more of the game in less time (seconds) -- it's clear what is better for the gaming experience.
Is it purely incidental that truth is not enough to fight the rampant ignorance I face day-after-day-after-day?

    Why is it so difficult to tell misinformed people they're wrong?
They have partial truth mixed with malformed opinions.
They mix these together and people believe them.
Getting into the nitty-gritty details of explaining what is right and correct makes you look obnoxious or weak.
People will rather listen to a smooth-talker than a truth-teller (sigh...).
So, when no one wants to listen to you, because, let's face it, the right answer can't be said in a single sentence, and
nobody really cares for the right answer if it's too complicated or time consuming for comprehension.
What do you do, then? Can't beat 'em, join 'em?
No, it would then be to defeat 'em, to own 'em, and erase 'em.

    Now, I'd like to mention a few things on religious/spiritual/hivemind types.
These people often talk about other people, everyone, or "nonbelievers" in an aloof and aloft manner.
Qualifying entire groups of people with nasty, unattractive words, and qualifying themselves and associates with positive, attractive words.
Stating previous malformed opinions on what they think these people think, and using many old tricks to build loyal followers.
Usually, these are the tactics of a male trying to court a female,
(As in, making everyone but you look bad/undesirable and making only you look good/desirable.)
but that's a different topic for a different day.

    With that out of the way, let me get straight to the drawing board.
Why am I here? Is it because I know something you don't?
Is it because I need something from you or owe you something?
Is it that I'm a product of some cosmic genesis that spawned our existential endemic biological phenomenon?
That answer has a right answer, but you might not believe what it is.

    A little more about how people with partial truth mix facts and wrong statements together:
A lot of what this person says is solid, but no one can correctly say it's all true.
He's an Intel/nVidia fanboy who knows one or two things about what he's saying,
but the case is that one or two things only adds to so much -- that's why his biases made him say things that aren't true.
You might be looking to me wondering, "Then what was he wrong about?/What should he have said?"
I hate to sound aloof or aloft, but this is quite an advanced and technical subject, one that should be steered clear from in such professional prose as this.
(To avoid jargon.)
Fanboyism, product loyalty, baby duck syndrome... these aren't bad things in themselves, per se.
Like drugs, it's really their potential to inflict damage that give these things their dark side.
Drugs are illegal because it's many times harder to regulate afflictions of the mind than a substance.

    Naturally, my article consequentially must conclude with a riff on how corruption relates to these problems.
Though, I am favored too scantly a blessing to continue authoring my voice on this matter.
I am obligated to end my prose with a signature, with a name... but my name is not a name, it's a curse.