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It's hard to explain...
It's like saying, "Take it as a complement, that people too poor to buy your software steal it instead."
It feels like an insult, right?
It is what it is, but don't take it from me.

Have you ever created an artpiece?
Have you ever requested a critique on it?
Many times people looking to one-up you will see it as a chance to do so.
The requested critique becomes a request for approval.
Will you get shot down or lifted up?
Will you feel ever determined to improve or give up?

Remember the stories about great artists of long ago?
How they were always poor?
Remember Shakespeare? How he was proletarian yet educated (or at least, well versed in language arts)?
Do you know what it feels like to have all the pressures of society literally on you?
"Where's your doctorate?" or "Where's your multiplatinum CD?" or "Where's your Grammy?"
"Don't have one?"
"Get the fuck out of here, kid, you're stupid. Just go work at Target."
You don't know what it's like...

You ever been playing an online game? Any online game?
Remember how it used to be fair? Used to be fun?
Studios are always trying to cut costs on running the servers, right?
So, they devise mechanics to generate money from the game.
In-game purchases, Pay-To-Win, Pay-To-Play, cheap in-game swag, etc...
There's also online games that lack any way to spend real money in-game, but have you ever played them?
They're usually kids games, console games and/or full of cheaters.
Players at the top of the scoreboard are all legitimate top players, right?
I have a bridge to sell you...
What's the point of playing online, multiplayer games anymore?
"I just play for fun."
"Fucking casual. Get the fuck out of here, noob!"
Why's everyone so pissed off in shooting games?
If you release/channel that much aggression from playing a game, maybe you need anger management and not an Xbox.
"I'm just fucking around."
"It's just the internet."
"If that person really cries (gets upset) they're a bitch, anyway."
Yeah, because that makes it okay.
Oscar Wilde told us that masked faces may tell the truth.
But, the internet just lets people let out their inner troll.
If I had a nickel for every troll I met online...