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    Before you jump to conclusions,
this isn't something I believe will happen, however, if you do the math,
it only takes a few steps in the wrong direction to start the avalanche
into Hell.

    People like to discuss the wide margin between the rich and poor. No one
ever talks about the wide margin between the intellectually well-outfitted
and the outright unintellectual. Why is that? Why aren't people advocating 
against stupidity? Why are people so egotistical? Why is Hedonism the 
puppet master of this world (of puppets)? Yes, I am calling you puppets. 
You know who you are.

    There's so much that the media reveals about what impressions I'm supposed 
to form about love. About my gender role. About my place in society. About the
American dream. About money.

    People like to take the easy route when they want to understand me as a
person. Do you know how to tell people that are dumber than you that they won't
figure you out in a way they can comprehend? They also assume things about me.
They also treat according to these assumptions and wrong presumptions. I can
tell when they do that, too. People just don't know how tired of their bullshit
I can be and am. It takes years to really understand someone. The way I see
kids falling in love and breaking up and divorcing and falling in love again,
is it selfish of me to want people to use love with the definition and meaning
that I think of it in? Do people want love or just lovers? Are people just
hateful creatures that I should in return hate? People always pull the "treat
others the way you want to be treated" card whenever I do something they don't
like. You ever stop to think, that according to past experiences I now believe
people don't want me to treat them nicely?

You'd think, if you believe in something and work hard for it everyday, and be
willing to do anything to have it that you should receive it. Everyday being
years and years. I feel older than I'd like to feel. Feel so close to this
proverbial edge. Kinda wish everyone would just die.